Loose Tea Collection

Loose Tea Collection


We are proud to introduce our 2019 Tea Collections. Teas featured in each set were personally sourced by Kettl and are part of our exclusive catalog of products. Each and every product featured stands as a best in class with low production amounts and often coming from award winning producers. Tea of this caliber rarely, if ever makes it out of Japan. Until Now.  Each set comes in a gift box.

Loose Tea Collection

1 x Yame Sencha No 5, 100g in a custom reusable canister

Deep steaming and longer firing imbues this tea with an lively and intoxicating aroma. A tea that is fresh, bright and full of life. Harvested in Hoshinomura Village, Yame Japan in May 2018.

1 x Uji Genmaimatcha, 100g in a custom reusable canister

Our Genmai Matcha hails from the famed town of Uji and is a blend of first flush sencha, high grade matcha powder, and toasted puffed-brown rice. A deep green cup with a silky mouthfeel and a lovely baked grain finish.

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