Jinshu Tea Set (Limited)

Jinshu Tea Set (Limited)


It is truly in honor to be able to offer a tea set from the master potter Jinshu (Ito Seiji) from Tokoname. Our relationship with Jinshu began this summer while in Japan interviewing artisans and producers for a forthcoming book. I was honored when he suggested We could begin working together as he has quite a large waiting list for current orders. Jinshu is known for his playful shapes, incredible balance, and flawless execution of his works. Simply said, using Jinshu’s pieces is pure joy.

We commissioned this kyusu and cup set for our 2019 collection. The kyusu features a wide body giving tea plenty of room to extract while making it incredibly easy to clean. The cups each hold roughly 80ml and have a white glaze inside to showcase the color of the brewed tea.

Each set is gift wrapped and includes everything you need to make traditional Japanese loose tea.

Set Includes:

1 x Matte Earth / Brown Kyusu

2 x Matte Earth / Brown tea cups. These beautiful cups were also sourced from Tokoname in Aichi Prefecture. Each cup holds roughly 70ml of water and the pure white porcelain reflects the color of the brewed tea beautifully.

1 x 100g Yame No. 5 Packed in our reusable caddy. Deep steaming and longer firing imbues this tea with an lively and intoxicating aroma. A tea that is fresh, bright and full of life. Harvested in Hoshinomura Village, Yame Japan in May 2018.

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