Kin Houjicha / Kettl x Ryuouen / 金ほうじ茶

Kin Houjicha / Kettl x Ryuouen / 金ほうじ茶


Kin houjicha is a refined kukicha style stem houjicha. Undergoing a deeper roast brings out a bolder profile than both Koetsu and Jou Yanagi. Both a great companion to food and a stand alone cup - Kin houjicha is a versatile and rewarding tea.

Tasting Notes: Deep Roast / Grain / Sea Breeze

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

Packaging: 110g Ryuouen Can

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4g Leaf / 150ml Water (190°F) / 1 Minute

It is our honor and privilege to be working with one of Kyoto's most venerable tea shops, Ryuouen. Founded in 1875, Ryuoen has been a trusted source for discerning Kyoto-ites for over a century. Ryuouen has no website and only takes orders in their Kyoto store or by phone.