Uji Hikari Matcha / 宇治ひかり

Uji Hikari Matcha / 宇治ひかり


Made from 100% unblended Uji Hikari cultivar, this matcha has focused freshness, clean sweetness and a lasting creamy mouthfeel. A true gem from the Furukawa family in Uji.

Tasting Notes: Creamy / Clean / Rich Mouthfeel

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

Packaging: 20g canister

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Crafted by the Furukawa family in Uji, Japan

Crafted by the Furukawa family in Uji, Japan


Traditional Thin preparation (Usucha)

2g matcha / 65ml water 85°C (180°F)

Whisk vigorously for 15 - 20 seconds

Usucha should have a fine, shiny crema like foam

Thick Preparation (Koicha)

4g matcha / 30-35ml water 85°C (180°F)

Add water to the tea a bit at a time

knead the matcha until it is uniformly mixed

The texture of koicha should be like paint or buttermilk

More Info

This matcha is made entirely of the cultivar Uji Hikari which is generally used in high grade matcha blends. Single cultivar matcha is grown in one field, by one farmer and is unblended - expressing the seasonal variances in weather much like a vintage wine.