Ten Matcha / 天

Ten Matcha / 天

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Ten is a true treasure in our collection - a masterpiece combining peerless cultivation, processing, and blending. Ten delivers a deep, lingering umami with a wonderful high toned freshness.

Tasting Notes: Tomato Vine / Umami Tang / Meringue

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

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Crafted by the Koyama Familyin Uji, Japan

Crafted by the Koyama Familyin Uji, Japan


Traditional Thin preparation (Usucha)

2g matcha / 65ml water 85°C (180°F)

Whisk vigorously for 15 - 20 seconds

Usucha should have a fine, shiny crema like foam

Thick Preparation (Koicha)

4g matcha / 30-35ml water 85°C (180°F)

Add water to the tea a bit at a time

knead the matcha until it is uniformly mixed

The texture of koicha should be like paint or buttermilk

Made from primarily the Asahi cultivar with a small percentage of Uji Hikari. This tea is most expressive when used for Koicha, or thick matcha.