Tamaryokucha / 玉緑茶 (Single Varietal)

Tamaryokucha / 玉緑茶 (Single Varietal)


Grown, harvested, and processed without synthetic fertilizer or pesticides, this Tamaryokucha is made from the 12 year old bushes harvested only once a year. It is still rare to find organics that rival conventional grown tea but the flavor and balance of this particular is second to none.

Tasting Notes: Hops / Toasted Sesame / lingering sweetness

Tea Origin: Saga, Japan

Packaging: 50g, Oxygen Free Bag

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5-6g Leaf / 150ml water (175°F) / 1 Minute

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Tamaryokucha is made with traditional steaming techniques in the same manner as sencha but undergoes no final rolling process.