Kyo Iribancha / Kettl X Ryuouen/ 入り番茶

Kyo Iribancha / Kettl X Ryuouen/ 入り番茶


An Often Controversial Tea, Iribancha Is A Late Harvest Tea That Is Simply Dried And Ten Undergoes Intense Deep Roast. The Resulting Leaf Is Richly Fragranced With Notes Smoke, Pine Resin, And Pipe Tobacco

Tasting Notes: Pine Resin / Bonfire / Burnt Cannabis

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

Packaging: 300g Ryuouen Bag

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4-5g Leaf / 200ml Water (200°F) / 2 Minutes

The Brewed Tea Is Actually Quite Light In Body With A Notable Smoky Nose. This Is The Tea Of Kyoto - Served At The End Of Most Kaiseki Meals.

Very Low Caffeine