Kawa Akari Oolong / 川灯りウーロン茶 (Single Varietal)

Kawa Akari Oolong / 川灯りウーロン茶 (Single Varietal)

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white flower / summer fruit / green citrus 

It is our pleasure to introduce one of our most treasured finds - a single cultivar oolong form the hills of Fukuoka, Japan. Quality oolong is an emerging product in the Japanese market and teas of this quality are still very hard to find. Kawa Akari is lightly oxidized and represents an impression of the Taiwanese Bao Zhong - fresh, floral and easy to drink, but with its own charm and richness.

Tea Varietal: Benifuuki

Fukuoka, Japan

50g / Nitrogen Flushed Bag (Oxygen Free)


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