Haruna Sencha / はるな煎茶 (Single Varietal)

Haruna Sencha / はるな煎茶 (Single Varietal)


This remarkable high mountain sencha from Shizuoka is grown at altitude on the steep slopes just south of Mount Fuji. Haruna is a new cultivar developed my Mr. Jiro Katahira and bears the name of his daughter, Haruna. A truly and intoxicating light steamed sencha.

Tasting Notes: Pristine Umami / Mountain herbs / Delicate minerality

Tea Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Packaging: 50g, Oxygen Free Bag

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6-7g Leaf / 120-130ml water (170°F) / 1 Minute

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True Single cultivar sencha from the mountains of central Shizuoka. The young and passionate producer, Mr. Jiro Katahira, produces upwards of twenty unique cultivars - all as light steamed sencha. Unfortunately, this style of tea is declining but we have faith in young katahira san!