Chiran Sencha / 知覧煎茶 (SINGLE VARIETAL)

Chiran Sencha / 知覧煎茶 (SINGLE VARIETAL)


Picked and processed April 10th 2018, Our Chiran Shincha was grown and harvested in Chiran Township, Kagoshima, Japan. Of the many samples we tasted from Kagoshima this was our favorite; 100% Saemidori varietal means a perfect combination of natural sweetness, lasting umami, and an intoxicatingly fresh aroma.

Tasting Notes: Fresh Grass / Savory Tang / Pervasive Sweetness

Tea Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

Packaging: 100g, Oxygen Free Bag

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Crafted by Yoshida San

Crafted by Yoshida San


5-6g Leaf / 130-150ml Water (75°F) / 1 Minute

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Varietal: Saemidori

Growing District: Chiran, Kagoshima