Asahi Tencha / 朝日碾茶 (SINGLE VARIETAL)

Asahi Tencha / 朝日碾茶 (SINGLE VARIETAL)


We are excited to offer an unblended 100% Asahi Cultivar tencha. Tencha is the unmilled form of matcha - the leaves have been cultivated in the shade of traditional rice straw coverings, hand picked, and gently processed. We describe the flavor as the "bass note" of matcha - a glimpse at whats to come - floral, fresh and savory. .

Tasting Notes: Ambrosial / Clear Umami / Concentrated Sweetness

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

Packaging: 20g Oxygen Free Bag

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Crafted by the Furukawa family in Uji, Japan

Crafted by the Furukawa family in Uji, Japan

3g Leaf / 60ml Water (180°F) / 7 Minutes

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Most often these smaller farmers will sell their tencha to other manufacturers who use it for blends - we are lucky to be working with a revered producer, Furukawa San, who has made it a point to celebrateand share these unblended tenchas. This is true "small batch" tea.

Asahi cultivar is revered in Uji for its natural sweetness, aroma, and deep green color. This is a wonderful opportunity to try a style of tea not commonly found outside of Japan's domestic market, or inside it for that matter.