Asa no Yume Tamaryokucha / 朝の夢玉緑茶 (Single Varietal)

Asa no Yume Tamaryokucha / 朝の夢玉緑茶 (Single Varietal)

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Intense aromatics / artichoke heart / toasted cashew / lingering sweetness

We are proud to offer you the exclusive house tea for NYC's Sushi Nakazawa*. Grown by our good friend Masatoshi Matsuo san, this tea was the 2014 grand prize winner of the 2014 Tokyo Tea Party Nihoncha Awards. This Asatsuyu varietal Tamaryokucha is a curled leaf, steamed green tea hailing from Nagasaki Prefecture. Expect beautiful aromatics, refreshing and focused flavor on the palate, and a lasting buttery sweetness. 


Nagasaki, Japan

50g / Nitrogen Flushed Bag (Oxygen Free)

* Discover why The New York Times awarded Sushi Nakazawa 4 stars 








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