Soukou Matcha / 爽香

Soukou Matcha / 爽香

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Our gentlest offering to date and a true representation of the very best of Yame matcha, Soukou is fresh and velvety with a soft finish.

Tasting Notes: Toasted / Velvety texture / Soft finish

Tea Origin: Fukuoka, Japan

Packaging: 20g canister

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Crafted by Baba san in Fukuoka, Japan

Crafted by Baba san in Fukuoka, Japan


2g matcha / 65ml water 85°C (180°F)

Whisk vigorously for 15 - 20 seconds

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A bright, fresh and young matcha with a captivating nose and mild body. The silky mouthfeel and lighter body shine while a refreshing, mild astringency follows.