Gokou Matcha / ごこう抹茶

Gokou Matcha / ごこう抹茶


A rich but not overpowering umami leads to a finish characterized by a slight refreshing astringency. The magic in this tea is the absolute balance - umami is balanced by sweetness which is in turn balanced by a touch of astringency.

Tasting Notes: Powerful / Refreshing / Rich

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

Packaging: 20g canister

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Crafted by the Kiyoharu Tsuji in Uji, Japan

Crafted by the Kiyoharu Tsuji in Uji, Japan


Traditional Thin preparation (Usucha)

2g matcha / 65ml water 85°C (180°F)

Whisk vigorously for 15 - 20 seconds

Usucha should have a fine, shiny crema like foam

Thick Preparation (Koicha)

4g matcha / 30-35ml water 85°C (180°F)

Add water to the tea a bit at a time

knead the matcha until it is uniformly mixed

The texture of koicha should be like paint or buttermilk

We are truly honored to offer an unblended single cultivar matcha from Mr. Kiyoharu Tsuji - a true legend in tencha / matcha production. Tsuji san is regarded as not only a peerless producer of tea, but a true pioneer - his techniques of fertilization, pruning, and garden management have inspired his fellow farmers within the Uji area and beyond. We are proud to begin sharing his unparalleled products with our community.

Gokou is a common gyokuro cultivar in the Uji area but not seen as a stand alone matcha. Tsuji san’s attention to detail and understanding of the cultivar’s demands make for a magnificent matcha