Asahi Tencha (Single Cultivar)

Asahi Tencha (Single Cultivar)


Ambrosial / Clear Umami / Concentrated Sweetness

We are excited to offer an unblended 100% Asahi Cultivar tencha. Tencha is the unmilled form of matcha - the leaves have been cultivated in the shade of traditional rice straw coverings, hand picked, and gently processed. We describe the flavor as the "bass note" of matcha - a glimpse at whats to come - floral, fresh and savory.

Most often these smaller farmers will sell their tencha to other manufactures who use it for blends - we are lucky to be working with a revered producer, Furukawa San, who has made it a point to celebrate and share these unblended tenchas. This is true "small batch" tea.

Asahi cultivar is revered in Uji for its natural sweetness, aroma, and deep green color. This is a wonderful opportunity to try a style of tea not commonly found outside of Japan's domestic market, or inside it for that matter. 

Uji, Japan

20g bag





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