Kyo Iribancha / Kettl x Ryuouen / 入り番茶

Kyo Iribancha / Kettl x Ryuouen / 入り番茶


 Pine Resin / Bonfire / Burnt Cannabis

It is our honor and privilege to be working with one of Kyoto's most venerable tea shops, Ryuouen. Founded in 1875, Ryuoen has been a trusted source for discerning Kyoto-ites for over a century. Ryuouen has no website and only takes orders in their Kyoto store or by phone.

An often controversial tea, Iribancha is a late harvest tea that is simply dried and ten undergoes intense deep roast. The resulting leaf is richly fragranced with notes smoke, pine resin, and pipe tobacco. The brewed tea is actually quite light in body with a notable smoky nose. This is the tea of Kyoto - served at the end of most Kaiseki meals.

Very low caffeine

Uji, Japan

300g bag / Original Ryuouen Packaging

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