Koetsu Houjicha / Kettl x Ryuouen / 香悦ほうじ茶

Koetsu Houjicha / Kettl x Ryuouen / 香悦ほうじ茶


 Saline Umami / Toasted Hazelnut / Sea Breeze

It is our honor and privilege to be working with one of Kyoto's most venerable tea shops, Ryuouen. Founded in 1875, Ryuoen has been a trusted source for discerning Kyoto-ites for over a century. Ryuouen has no website and only takes orders in their Kyoto store or by phone.

Koetsu Houjicha is the diamond in the crown of Ryuouen's houjicha offering. The soft and gentle roast is evidenced by the still greenish hue of the stems. Made from select Uji grown shaded karigane, Koetsu offers deep aromatics and incredibly refined and lasting umami. 

Very low caffeine

Uji, Japan

87g can / Original Ryuouen Packaging


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