2017 Dento Hon Gyokuro / 伝統本玉露 (5 x 5g Wooden Box)

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2017 Dento Hon Gyokuro / 伝統本玉露 (5 x 5g Wooden Box)


Salted Butter / Artichoke / Spring Bloom

An astounding Hon Gyokuro from Hoshinomura Village - the mecca of Fukuoka's traditional gyokuro production. Each serving is a distillation of Yame gyokuros most dominant traits - rich, savory umami - profound sweetness - and the young, fresh aroma of Spring. 

Handcrafted by Japan's nationally celebrated producer, Mr. Shinya Yamaguchi.

Each order includes Five 5g servings in a wooden commemorative box and detailed brewing instructions.


2017 Dento Hon Gyokuro

Producer: Shinya Yamaguchi

Varietal: Saemidori

Growing District: Hoshinomura, Yame, Fukuoka.

Product: 5 X 5g servings in a decorative wooden box

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The highest grade of Gyokuro Green Tea available from Japan