Nezumi Shino Chawan

Nezumi Shino Chawan

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This Nezumi Shino bowl from Gifu prefecture underwent extreme temperature exposure leading to an almost molten glazing pattern. The hand painted design and intense glazing are a beautiful back drop the green glow of matcha.


1 x Nezumi Shino Chawan

As a set includes:

1 x Hand Carved bamboo chashaku matcha whisk. Hand made in Nara, Japan, these scoops are dead stock and no longer manufactured due to scarcity of this exact breed of bamboo.

1 x hand carved chasen matcha whisk. These 100 tine whisks were carved from a single piece of bamboo. Each piece is crafted by Kyosuke Kubo using a technique that creates a thinner, easier to use whisk. Chasen of this quality last much longer than cheaply manufactured imitation Chasen.

1 x 20g Shinme Matcha. Vibrant and invigorating, our Shinme Matcha is round and silky with a balanced sweetness and pervasive finish.

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