2018 Teaware Collection / Loose Tea

2018 Teaware Collection / Loose Tea

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We are proud to introduce our 2018 Sencha Teaware collection. Each item in this set was personally sourced and features a design collaboration between an artisan and Kettl and is available exclusively here. Each set is hand wrapped includes everything you need to make traditional Japanese loose tea.

Set Includes:

1 x Matte Black or Red Flat Bottom Kyusu. We collaborated with a 60 year old kysusu maker in the famed town of Tokoname, Japan. This unique design features a built in strainer, flat bottom for maximum extraction, and a newly redesigned spout that pours perfectly.

2 x Ureshino porcelain tea cups. These beautiful cups were sourced from Saga in southern Japan. Their thin edges and balanced design are a pleasure to use and were awarded a Good Design Award® in 2009

1 x 100g Yame Sencha No 5. Deep steaming and longer firing imbues this tea with an lively and intoxicating aroma. A tea that is fresh, bright and full of life. Harvested in Hoshinomura Village, Yame Japan on May 3rd, 2017


1 x 50g Shizuku Gyokuro. This hon, or true gyokuro, is shaded for 20 days before being hand harvested. Elevated levels of the amino acid theanine impart a deep and pervasive savoriness that is balanced by a gentle floral finish.



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