Uji Genmai Matcha / 宇治玄米抹茶

Uji Genmai Matcha / 宇治玄米抹茶


Our Genmai Matcha hails from the famed town of Uji and is a blend of first flush sencha, high grade matcha powder, and toasted puffed-brown rice. A deep green cup with a silky mouthfeel and a lovely baked grain finish.

Tasting Notes: Nutty / Toasty / Creamy texture

Tea Origin: Uji, Japan

Packaging: 100g Oxygen Free Packaging

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Crafted by the Yamazaki Family in Uji, Japan

Crafted by the Yamazaki Family in Uji, Japan


5g Leaf / 150ml Water (190°F) / 1 Minute

A wonderful daily drinker. This tea has a wide range of possible brewing parameters. Use hotter water to showcase the toastiness of the rice or slightly lower temperature water to bring out the natural sweetness of the sencha and matcha.