We are proud to welcome The Shizuoka region to the Kettl Catalog!

We are honored to be working with one of the finest farmers in the famed Kawane region of Shizuoka. Tsuchiya san is well known as one of the true “last warriors” of traditional style Shizuoka tea. We love our new sencha which is grown high in the mountains. Tea grown at elevation sustains much higher temperature variations than tea grown down at sea level. This imparts a depth and finish to the tea that is wholly unique. The flavors of the new “Kawane Hon Sencha" are as close to "true" tea as we’ve found. By true tea, we mean the smell and taste of the leaf growing in the field. This tea has a complex minerality (from the slightly rocky soil in Kawane), a slight baked flower aroma, and an almost peppery finish. We love how the sencha exhibits its own unique personality that is a bit rambunctious and all together playful. Don’t expect the big umami of Yame, or the cut grass of Kagoshima. Our Hon Sencha is singular and one of a kind. We invite you to true try Old school Japanese tea, made the traditional way.

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