This is the first post in a new series spot lighting Kettl's culinary partners. Today take a sneak peak at the new menu from Hirohisa.


Kettl got a preview of a new seasonal amuse-bouche just added to Hirohisa san’s fall menu: Dashi and Akishun shincha with grilled Matsutake mushroom. Our fall shincha is brewed with the bonito stock and a perfectly cooked matsutake (from Oregon) bobs in the broth. It was both delicate and full of umami…I was surprised to experience the rich and smoky dashi blending so well with the Akishun shincha. Chef Hirohisa is originally from Fukui prefecture and serves traditional Fukui style food such as super fatty Saba (mackerel) as well as Kyoto inspired dishes like pressed hako sushi. The interior of the restaurant is one of the most beautiful I have seen in some time. Danish chairs, low lighting, beautiful blonde work tops and bar, and hand made Fukui-yaki pottery. It doesn’t hurt that it was designed by the Japanese firm Super Paprika (any one been to Momofuku Ko???). 

Stop in to try the complete fall tasting menu. If you would like to take me as your guest, I’d be happy to go. Just email me ;)

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