Tea Music at Goose Barnacle. (All photos by Darcy, of GB)

Kettl was fortunate to partner with the wonderful menswear shop Goose Barnacle to premiere our new Tea Music series. All of our teas will soon have personalized music to listen to while preparing and drinking the tea. We played 3 tracks and drank three new teas Kettl will soon feature:

Yame Shincha (paired with music that includes recorded sounds of a ramen truck in Fukuoka Prefecture)

Ureshino black tea (music features the sounds of Temomi, masters hand rolling tea)

Uji Sencha (music features a river and nature sounds from Uji Kawa, the river running through Uji)

We were so grateful to all who came out, especially the immensely talented Satoko Souheki Mori san, of Tea Whisk, for showcasing the true Urasenke style of making matcha. She was forced to make tea with limited tools and watching her take it all in stride and perform beautifully was inspiring and completely mesmerizing. Thank you Souheki san!

Goose Barnacle will now sell Kettl Matcha, tea bowls and whisks. And the I hear you can get some mean iced tea while at the store too. Better visit soon.

91 Atlantic ave Brooklyn, NY 11201

Look for more events soon!

Special thank you to David and Darcy at Goose Barnacle for all their help, support and for a beautiful space to host the event.


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