At Kettl, we love many things. But up there at the very top of the list is good tea, and good design. We are excited about our new Tea Bags for 2 reasons: Good tea and Good design. These “Tea Bags” are really “Loose Tea in a Bag”. Our entire lineup includes 5 grams of first flush Japanese tea in a mesh bag. The bag provides enough room for the tea to open and steep while imparting no papery flavor on the tea. As you can see in the photos, its real tea. Not dust. Not scraps. Actual tea!! Our tea is cut 25% smaller to allow optimal steeping, but other than that, its loose tea. You can cut open your bags and brew in a kyusu. 

As many people know good tea can be a challenge to find when traveling. MEMORIES!

Now take the best tea anywhere: planes, hotels, the desert, the mountains. You get it.

Our Lineup includes: Houjicha (roasted green tea with a caramely, nutty flavor)

                                Genmaimatcha (sencha, roasted brown rice and matcha powder)

                                Sencha (steamed green tea)

All tea is packaged in an oxygen free foil bag. 25 pcs. per bag.

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