Shizuoka, part 1.

Shizouka lies in the shadow of mount Fuji, just south of Tokyo. Shizouka is the largest producer of tea in Japan by size and total output. There are several respected areas within Shizouka producing great tea but the two most prestigious are Kawane and Honyama.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with one of Shizouka’s most awarded growers, Aitou san. Mr. Aitou farms in the famed Kawane area high in the mountains. He is Japanese green tea rockstar. Of course a very thoughtful, polite and funny rockstar. His high mountain teas are some of the most sought after. The warm days and cool nights allow for huge temperature swings that afford the tea more time to come to sprout which instills it with deep and focused taste. We tried several of his wonderful senchas. The freshness is unbelievable. His teas have a very special aroma that is exactly like a spring field: wild grass, flowers, humid earth, and a fresh breeze. We are excited to collaborate with him to bring his fine teas to America. We can’t wait for you to try them! Thanks Aitou san!

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