Serving Size.

It can be surprising to learn that traditionally the serving size for high grade sencha and gyokuro is only 1.5 - 2 ounces. This is incredibly little compared with the West’s idea of a “cup of tea”. Why so small? Well, to fully appreciate the deep and complex flavor of Japanese tea, just a small amount is best. The flavor is generally more full bodied when brewed with less water and keeping plenty of air in the cup allows the aroma to open up fully while the smaller serving size promotes savoring over slugging. Small and frequent servings are also more rewarding to drink than one large cup at a time (in my humble opinion). Often, westerners use too much water, diluting the delicate flavor, aroma and body of Japanese green tea. Lastly, the Japanese have deep respect for the fleeting experiences (cherry blossom viewing for example) and the smaller size promotes this. So next time you brew, try for a smaller serving and see if that experience is different. 

If you love the big cup, go with Houjicha, Genmaica or Bancha. They are great in XL sizes!

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