I have written many times about how, unfortunately, organic tea in Japan is mostly lacking. To be fair, its a new-ish market, its costly, and it takes many years to get the tea bushes in decent enough shape to make great tea. But I of course whole heartedly believe organic farming is worth the time and money and when good tea was found, I promised to source it. Up until now, I never tasted anything I thought was worth selling. Key word: Up until now. I have been lucky enough to meet the man who’s been working at organic tea for the better part of 15 years. He has pioneered the craft in Uji, outside of Kyoto, and he’s teas are incredible, organic or not. I was lucky enough to spend the day with him at his factory, tasting room, and fields in Ujitawara and Wazuka. This is remote tea land: Mountains, pine trees, and tea fields. He has hired a top level team to work on the blending of teas and the products are fantastic. We are really excited to be working on our new organic line with him. We hope to have it up on the site in the next month. Keep an eye out.

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