music, space, tea.

As many of you know, I am a professional musician. Music found me first and I found tea later. Music has a very direct way of creating a mood or a “design”. Simply put, it immediately impacts the present moment. I spend quite a lot of time drinking tea and listening to music. Sometimes the music and the tea are at odds, sometimes they are congruent, and sometimes they seem to act on each other very little. I find these interactions interesting. 

As a fan of minimalist electronic music (as you may have noticed from my writings) I see a very clear parallel between simple repetitive composition and tea. Observing the taste and aroma of tea is much like listening to the arc of a piece music. There can be beginnings, middles and ends. There can be just one “note”. There can be several. When enjoyed together I feel a heightening of experience.

I feel food in general is sensitive to it’s surroundings. A meal cooked and eaten alone tastes different with good friends. A glass of wine, to me, tastes different in a museum restaurant than a regular restaurant. The psychological impact of our surroundings leads to our experiences being “better” or “worse”. 

Music to me is one of the greatest effectors of change on environment. It is a life “design” element I could never live without. From this realization our “Tea Music” series was born. Beginning in late May our teas will be packaged with a unique piece of music. We encourage you to boil the water, prepare and drink the tea, and clean up all while listening to  the included music. Of course, any music can be used. 

To celebrate our new music, we will be hosting a listening+drinking party at the award winning Brooklyn menswear shop, Goose Barnacle, Thursday, May 9th. Please RSVP to for an invite.

Music is my savior, and I was maimed by rock and roll.
I was maimed by rock and roll.
I was tamed by rock and roll.
I got my name from rock and roll.


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