Japanese Oolong.

Today I brewed some of the Taiwanese style Oolong I found on my travels in Japan last month. This tea is a remarkable representation of the power of study. Our producer traveled to Taiwan to study Oolong production mostly as a creative pursuit. His time and energy have paid off. The tea is in bag form because they feel “the shape is not quite presentable a loose tea yet”. I agree. It is not the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen, but man the taste. It is as good a representation of Bao Zhong style open leaf oolong that I’ve tasted. Sweet, light, floral and so “Taiwanese”. I brewed the mesh bag in a gaiwan out of habit…Oolong = gaiwan in my book. The bag contains about 5 grams of tea and brews great through 4 or 5 steeps. What a remarkable tea. We will have it on the website soon! Check back!

Happy Friday.

zach manganComment