How to make better iced tea than Starbucks (while at Starbucks).

  • Ask for a cup of ice water and an extra empty cup.
  • Put 10 grams of tea in empty cup.
  • Pour ice water into cup with loose tea.
  • let sit for 3 minutes. 
  • use time to contemplate the fact that Starbucks is the single largest music retailer in the USA. what???
  • open the straw hole on the lid to increase it’s size and put on the now empty cup.
  • stir ice water and tea with a straw
  • pour the tea slowly onto the lid of empty cup, allowing the liquor (brewed tea) through and catching the tea leaves. 
  • Put straw back in tea and enjoy!

You just made better green tea then Starbucks will ever make! For REAL!

zach manganComment