Everything you wanted to know about sex Iced Matcha but were afraid to ask.

Ok, summer is here. Cooling down is easy! We have you covered with a stunner of an iced tea: Iced Matcha.

The key to this drink is to use hot water first and ice second. Our matcha is so finely ground that the particles are only a few microns thick. Matcha of this quality has a tendency to “clump” in cold water due to static electricity that builds up between such fine particles. Hot water easily takes care of that problem. Heres our recipe:

Sift 2-2.5 scoops of matcha and add to a cocktail shaker or thermos.

add an ounce or two of hot water (just below boiling)

shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Add 3-4 ice cubes and shake for another 30 seconds.

Strain over ice and enjoy.


Notice the natural creme that appears on top. Amazing. Let us know how it goes!

We recommend our Shinme matcha for icing. 

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