Day 9. A photo set of a tasting done today. All teas were brewed hot and cold to understand the influence of water temperature and flavor. Hot water pulls out aroma and astringency. Cold brewing has pronounced sweetness and zero bite. It’s amazing to see the “heart” of the tea remains in both styles. The water in Yame is actually slightly sweet itself. As I have mentioned, the quest continues to understand exactly how to recreate the depth and brilliance of teas brewed in Japan. One thing is for sure: freshness. The Japanese have a completely different idea of what is acceptable to drink and what is “old”. When some tea that was "finished" in May was brought out, glances were shot indicating that it may not be up to snuff for tasting. Most teas you drink in the states were finished MONTHS if not YEAR(s) ago. This lesson has led us to have all of our tea packaged and shipped from the farm. There is no fresher tea available. We promise! Thanks for reading!

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