Day 7. Uji day 2.

Happy to say we were fortunate to meet with several great producers yesterday and have found some amazing new teas. Uji is famed for it’s matcha and we are thrilled to be able to start offering Uji matcha very soon. We found some of the highest quality sencha and gyokuro we’ve seen, and after this years harvest it will also be available through Kettl.

We are really passionate about sharing the diversity of Japan’s teas and it’s a lot of fun to taste regional tea and see how different they can be. Comparing wine from Bordeaux and Burgundy, the “terroir” of each place is unmistakable. Tasting teas all over Uji this week, there is an aroma to the brewed tea that is present in every tea we tried, from the best to the worst. I believe Uji teas bear a trademark of the soil more than any other in Japan.

Tea culture in Japan began here and matcha and gyokuro have it’s earliest roots here too. Sencha came later (an import from Shizuoka). I find the taste of Uji sencha to be a mysterious hybrid of gyokuro and sencha. Something similar to “kukicha” or “karigane” from other regions. Lots of umami but a very soft sweetness and lots of aroma. The color is usually golden, but we found a few with a beautiful neon green hue!

Tomorrow I’ll highlight our trip to meet the head of the Asahiyaki pottery lineage and tell you all what he had to say and how He and his son are moving art and design into the 21st century.

Thanks for reading.

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