Day 5. Today was spent at the famous Kurume tea shop Yoshinoen ( I was treated to mind bending matcha and gyokuro. As seen in the empty chawan, I was unable to think about photographing anything while the matcha was in the bowl. I only thought to document it after drinking. It was perfectly made. I have a lot to learn about tea preparation. It always looks and tastes better when made in Japan. Kettl’s goal is to capture that taste as closely as possible while in the states. It’s no small task! The kyusu used to serve the gyokuro was BOUGHT AT AUCTION. ummm….immediately nervous. Over one hundred years old and completely pristine, this pot was made by Jyozan II. He is the father of Japan’s national treasure, Jyozan III. Unreal. I love that it is still being used. I was surely honored to get a chance to drink tea from it. 

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