Day 4. We headed south today. We will be based in Kyushu for the next month. This is the southern island directly south of mainland Japan. Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu is mecca for Ramen addicts. Of course, this was first on our list after landing. We checked out the well known 大砲 ラーメン (Taiho Ramen Outrageous. Smokey, salty, fatty. I had the tonkotsu with nori and chives with “Kaedama”. Just shout “Kaedama” and a minute later a second helping of noodles are brought for your soup (the best thing ever). Eating late night in Japan is one of my favorite ways to experience Japan. Everyone is out: an old couple, a family with their daughter, drunk businessman. All the locals eat late night at Taiho and many other affordable local spots. Coming up soon: Interview with Kyushu legend, art collector and tea master Kurakawa Yoshiharu; an inside look at some of Kagoshima’s finest tea; a trip to “furniture town” and lots more. Thanks for reading!

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