Day 21.

Today was spent near our tea farms in Hoshinomura Village, in Fukuoka. I was lucky enough to spend time drinking tea in the company of famed potter and local personality, Genta Yamamoto. He explained how the pottery style of the surrounding village died out over a hundred years before he started working. When he began making pottery he was set on bringing back the defunct “hoshinoyaki” style…so he went door to door asking locals if they had any pieces in their homes he could study. Support for his efforts was high and he ended up not only writing the book on Hoshinoyaki, he singlehandedly resurrected the STYLE! Known as a master, he has had pupils come from across the globe to study with him. A deep spirit indeed! He was so eager to show us the “sunrise” in his cups. When sunbeams enter through a full cup of tea, they blend with natural red pigment in the clay and create a golden halo. Amazing. His work space was incredible. Found objects, beautiful plants, pottery everywhere…the perfect union f workspace and living space. We saw his garden, pruned some wild tea bushes and explored his newly built 2 story “chashitsu”. And he loves jazz! A humbling and inspiring day. Very grateful!

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