Competition Gyokuro.

Ok, so We have tracked down this years prize winning gyokuro from Kyushu. It is seriously hard to get with a total production amount in the 3-4 pounds. We now have 30 grams total. Each serving is individually sealed in a 5 gram package. 

This isn’t even tea. It is something else. It is a like sipping a distillation of some beautiful and strange miso/kombu/lilly of the valley soup that David Chang would concoct. It is the essence of umami. It is a meal with one ingredient. Tasting notes: cream, salt, forest, valley, sun, miso, kombu….and no astringency at all.

I haven’t got a lock on what varietal this tea as it was delivered by hand from our partners in Japan. God, this feels illegal. A certificate of authenticity was included and I used my best judgement on brewing (very little water, very cool temperature, 2 mins steep, shake like hell). It was perfect.

After brewing, a tea of this quality can, and should be, eaten with ponzu sauce. I was happy to oblige.

We are pleased to be the sole purveyor of this tea in America. Really, there is almost none available anywhere…Japan included. If you want to try something truly “once in a lifetime”, this is the stuff.

The tea is available below and comes with a phone call and detailed, hand written, brewing instructions


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