The best part of my travels are always the people. This trip specifically made clear how many wonderful people I am lucky to know and respect. I want to thank all my dear friends for their support, friendship and hospitality during this last trip. In no particular order:

Hiro san, Akemi San, Tokitsu san, Tsuge san, Masa san, Maya san, Shinya san, Mariko san, Aki san, Reiko san, Noriko san, Takashi san, Akiko san, Chiyoko san, Chiaki san, Kurokawa san, Yoshinori san, Yusuke san, Koichi san, Katsu san, Hitomi san, Tomoyuki san, Yoko chan, Momoka chan, Eri Chan, and So-chan. I am no doubt leaving people out…and also thanks to our farmers, suppliers, designers, potters and artisans. Kettl is a big family…どもありがとうございました!

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