New Year / New Teas

Yame - on the hunt for Gyokuro

In Japan to visit with our growers and say Happy New Year. I always find myself here during holidays (Golden Week, New Years, Obon). While nowhere near as cold as New York City currently is, Fukuoka was chilly today and the fog was drifting on top of the mountains between Jouyou and Hoshinomura. Amidst the exchanges of holiday wishes, we found several exciting new teas - and ordered them on the spot. A winter release shincha which was aged in cold storage for 8 months, two new sencha, a very high grade limited release matcha, and two new Dento Hon Gyokuros - one being the 71st grand prize (we had these same leaves earlier this year, but they were finished by a different producer) which we will be offering again at a lower price point. We are reworking on pricing and hoping to bring greater value to our customers by tweaking our operational approach. Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for those teas to hit the site within the next 10 days.

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