Reviving the blog / In search of Shincha

After an immense break of nearly two years, I am committed to bringing life back to the "blog". I can be heard day in and day out extolling the importance of "telling the story" - so it seems all-the-more important to be using this venue to do just that. In the upcoming weeks it will be easy as the amount of contact with exciting content is virtually endless (I am currently in Japan meeting (primarily new, but many old as well) producers and tasting 2017's very first harvest. Please check back often and tune in for plenty of photos of tea plants, tea farmers, me in a field, me next to a river, etc. But moving forward I also hope to have more to write about as it relates to Kettl's ongoing evolution with tea, food, education, design, and the sharing of our community. 

I apologize for being gone so long, and I couldn't be more happy to be back. 





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