Presentation of The Finest Teas in Japan

Kettl was lucky enough to be invited by the Yame City Council to a small gathering of 50 people to celebrate a rare occurrence: Yame took first prize in Japan's National Tea Fair in the categories of both Sencha and Gykuro in 2014. As our customers know, we were proud to have a relationship with the farmer who produced the prize winning 100% saemidori gyokuro. Only 3.9 kilos were made. Four Kilos is the maximum amount allowable under Japan's standards for "Shuppin", or "show tea". We were thrilled to be able to secures 520 grams of the prize winning gyokuro for our customers. Sadly, it's all sold out! But the GOOD NEWS: We have gained access to this years finest gold prize sencha and will be offering on our site soon. We had a chance to drink both teas and as far as the sencha is concerned, experiencing it was a revelation. It was laser focused with a hard-to-describe balance of power and subtly. The fragrance carried upwards through my entire head while an incredible umami anchored me to the floor. You could taste it with your entire body in a way I haven't experienced before. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Such a wonderful experience. Keep an eye out for the tea soon!


1. Prize winning gyokuro 2. Gyokuro dry leaf #2. 3. Gyokuro wet leaf. 4. Prize winning sencha dry leaf. 5. Sencha wet leaf and liquor 6. Award winners

Oh, and we were in the newspaper!

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