Early Spring

I arrived back in Japan just 2 days ago. This is my first time in Japan during Winter - although with the Plum blossoms just emerging, I guess it is truly early Spring. I landed on a Friday which allowed for a bit of rest over the weekend. Things in NYC have been humming and the rest this weekend feels wonderful. The next 3 months are the culmination of my plan to come to Japan to spend time with my partners, colleagues and a network of producers, farmers and artisans in the hopes of sourcing new items, finding inspiration and implementing the next steps towards the growth of kettl. If the feeling of New York City can be likened to a deluge of activity and excitement, the experience of returning to Japan feels like a fine mist. Its a slower pace, a quieter environment, and the days somehow feel longer. I am grateful for the chance to be here doing what I love with people I love to spend time with. I am also very grateful to our new colleague Jeff Ruiz for helping with the work load in NYC while I'm away. Please come back and check in on what's happening here in Japan - new content is being produced everyday. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and we look forward sharing this trip with you all.

Zach, Kurume City, Fukuoka, Japan 2/15/15

So we did do a little work today: We spent time perfecting the preparation of a new matcha for a NYC based restaurant client. When working with a new tea, we insist on preparing it up to a dozen times using a variety of parameters. This particular matcha was most expressive with 1.5g of tea and 80cc of water at 190F. We found that whisking for no more than 15 seconds kept the already delicate aromas most intact. 

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