Mare Gyokuro / 稀玉露 - Nihoncha Awards Platinum Winner

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Mare Gyokuro / 稀玉露 - Nihoncha Awards Platinum Winner


This gyokuro not only won the 2016 platinum Nihoncha Award but also carries the coveted GI rating - a geographical indication providing authenticity of the tea's origin. Mare gyokuro was meticulously cultivated and hand picked to convey an absolutely pure picture of Yame gyokuro's distinct distilled sweetness and umami. Only 1kg left the country of Japan - and it is in our refrigerator. Now is your chance.


2016 Platinum Prize, Nihoncha Awards (Overall Winner, all categories)

Producer: Shinya Yamaguchi

Varietal: Saemidori

Growing District: Hoshinomura, Yame, Fukuoka.

Product: 40g nitrogen flushed bag


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